"We have spent many years developing Cefn Llogell Racing Stables, a true labour of love. Located in the beautiful welsh hills we are blessed with stunning scenery and gallops that have been strategically placed on a slight gradient. This makes a big difference on the horse's fitness."


"I know that horses perform at their best when they are happy in their home." Alan Jones

Monarch Stables

The racehorses are stabled behind the safely designed Monarch stabling. Their beds are mucked out twice a day in morning and evening stables.

Monarch Horsewalker

The horse walker again supplied by Monarch offers a roofed model for horses to be worked in the comfort of a dry environment in all seasons or protected from the sun on the warmer days.


The gallop is on a steep gradient, this is strategic as Alan Jones feels it improves the horse's depth of fitness compared to when the horses are run on the flat or over hurdles.


In addition, Alan Jones facilities include an equine pool. Used to bring horses up to optimum fitness.